Hi, I’m Tori.

Youtuber. Educator. Adventurer.

I am devoted to helping you get out of your head and into your life.

All by taking some seriously mind-blowing action. 


My energy (and this site) is dedicated to sharing ideas, tools and

resources to help you explore a braver, bolder and better version of yourself.

The special ingredient is action.

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Are you up for a challenge?

Step One: Pick a fear. (An adrenaline activity, phobia, socially awkward situation, change or risk that scares you).

Step 2: Do it and document it. (Video and/or photo works!)

Step 3: Use the hashtag #faceyourfears and tag me @tori.landry1 on any platform.

Step 4: Get a shoutout, repost or find it on my upcoming #faceyourfears playlist series on Youtube where I share a compilation of fear videos from my followers.