I was robotic, bored and unengaged in life.

Inside I knew I wasn’t living the life I was capable of.

I was scared of rejection, failure, looking bad, making a “wrong” decision and of losing control of my own life.

But the more I avoided making a decision in my life, the more I made myself sick, weak and tired.

But I was done with  playing small.

It was time to cross the line and go from being the person who dreamed about doing things to actually becoming the person who does them.

Tori Smiling

I wanted to feel alive. Fully alive.

And overtime, I began to feel just that.

By quitting my job, I saw that life begins the moment you take a risk, get out of your head and listen to your gut.

By travelling solo for the better part of a year, I realized I was far more capable, independent and resourceful than I’d ever realized.

By jumping off gigantic cliff,  I realized that life is way more fun when you get off your arse and say YES to your wildest fears.

Since starting this journey 3 years ago, I’ve learned that when you’re in the right place and doing the right thing that you have amazing strength.

Bravery isn’t something you are born with, can wish for or can acquire from thinking about it. It’s something you earn from taking action (yes, even when you’re terrified).

Now everyday when I wake up – anything can happen.

Tori surfing

You see, my the goal isn’t to become fearless. But to feel the fear and doing it anyway.

Because it is by taking action that we can allow ourselves to live. Truly live.

And that my friend, is a life certainly worth the risk.

Tori Happy in Desert

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