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Quitting your job is NOT an easy thing to do. At least at first.

There are a multitude of reasons why millennials are finding this a hard decision to make (and particularly hard to follow through on).

One, the whole situation is uncertain.

What if my boss is going to be mad or disappointed? What if this burns bridges and takes away my reference? What if I get fired earlier than I wanted and that puts me on a financial strain? What if they think I’m an idiot and stupid for leaving? Or worst, what if they negotiate for me to stay and I cave in?

Two, regret.

What if I’m making a terrible mistake? What if I’m throwing away a good thing? What if I’m humiliated/rejected in the workplace? by my peers? by my family?

Three, the future is uncertain.

What will happen afterwards? Will my financial situation be okay? What will my friends, family and colleagues think of me? Will I be able to find a new job? Will I actually be able to start a new business? What if I can’t find a job or my business fails? What if I look foolish, dumb or impulsive?

These thoughts scared me for 5 months before I FINALLY had the courage to finally quit my job working for a startup in 2019.

But how does one muster up the courage to do it? Or better yet, how do you even know this is the right decision?

For me it wasn’t about finding a new job or determining my exact path, but about finding confidence in my decision. My workplace wasn’t toxic, the guy sitting next to me didn’t reek, I wasn’t being underpaid or overworked. I just knew deep down inside that this wasn’t right anymore. I could feel it in my gut.

So I started preparing myself. I began by asking myself every possible question my boss could ask when we sat down for “the discussion.”

What if I increased your salary by X? Would you consider staying?

What if I gave you XYZ responsibility? Would you consider staying?

What if you switched departments and took on this project? Would you consider staying?

If I guaranteed you X next year, would you stay?

The list goes on.

At this point in time, I was lost and unsure what to do. One day I wanted freedom to start my own thing. The next I wanted to travel the world. Another day I wanted job security. And days I convinced myself I’d stay for more money or more responsibility.

I just didn’t know.

I felt like I was drifting in this endless state of limbo.

What did I really want? All I knew was that I was facing this fierce disconnect between what I was feeling (unmotivated, disengaged and overwhelmed) and how I wanted to feel (like I was contributing, growing and in charge)

But upon listening to a podcast, an idea sparked. I was inspired to reconnect with my values.

Values are the things that you find most important in your life and these ultimately dictate how you show up, behave and live your life.

My top values are growth, freedom and impact.

Then it hit me.

It was no wonder I wasn’t happy.

I wasn’t learning anything new at work or feeling challenged, I was obliged to work 9am-5pm and I wasn’t making an impact towards something I was passionate about.

And because of that, everyday my work was slowly crushing my soul and making me question my very existence.

So! Step numero uno, determine your top 3 values.

Now I felt confident and determined that I was leaving. Nothing was going to make me stay because I realized I wasn’t feeling good because my job didn’t align with my values.

“But now what?” a friend asked me. “What are you going to do with those extra 40 hours a week?”

I hadn’t got that far but he brought up a good point. After all, I was sacrificing a hefty paycheque.

So now my brain had clarity, but I lacked direction.

Timing was on my side because I heard something recently that Tony Robbins said in a podcast with Jenna Kutcher. He said “everyone is born equally right Jenna. But not everyone is equal in the marketplace. Some people are worth more than others because of the value they provide to society. If I can give any advice to your audience, it’s to find a way to become more valuable in the marketplace”.


I get it. I needed to use my extra 40 hours a week to do something that was going to make me more valuable in society.

And after one quick search on google how to become more valuable in the marketplace, I had a plethora of ideas.

I was excited.

Sure, I didn’t know my exact path and I didn’t get a new job lined up but I felt 100% certain in my decision.

I was finally ready to quit.

I knew that I needed to pursue something that allowed me to grow, be challenge, transform others and allowed me to do it on my own schedule and in my own way.

And the following week, I did it.

Sure, my boss thought I was making a terrible mistake. My parents definitely think I’m a tad coo coo for giving up job security and not finding another job first. And already my “unemployment” has become the hot topic around my friends.

But at the end of the day, it’s my career and no one else’s.

And more importantly, it’s my life. No one else’s. And I trust myself.

Quitting your job without a plan might be terrifying, but it might also be exactly what you need to do in order to solve the disconnect that happening in your life.

My advice is to listen to your gut.

Do you want to quit your job? What’s stopping you?

I’d love to hear from you. I respond to EVERY email. Let me know what you’re struggling with or trying to achieve.

Take action.